Dec 31

1st Kalu Rinpoche | The luminosity of mind

Another aspect of the nature of mind is its luminosity. Normally we think of this term in a visual sense. We think of a luminous body like the sun or the moon which shines and gives off light. However, this is merely a metaphor to give us some idea of what is being hinted at. To say that the mind is luminous in nature is analogous to saying that space is illuminated. … This is not a visual experience per se, but the ability of mind to know, perceive and experience.

We may utilize a metaphor here. The emptiness of mind is the ocean; the luminosity of mind is the sunlit ocean; and the impeded dynamic quality of mind is the waves of the sunlit ocean. When we take the waves of the sunlit ocean as an event or situation, it is not as though we are trying to separate ocean from waves from sunlight; they are three aspects of a single experience. The unity of these three aspects forms the seed or potential for enlightenment. They are the pure nature of mind; the impurity of obscurations , ignorance and confusion overlays what is inherently the nature of mind itself.

His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche,
recognized as the activity emanation of the great Jamgon Kongtrul, author of The Five Great Treasuries.