Sep 16

About Meditation with Kalu Rinpoche (transcription part 11)

Host: It’s so easy in this modern world to get lost and many people are searching for teachings like this. According to your opinion after doing three-year retreat and after living in both in a monastic environment and also being facing the modern world here in Europe, and outside the monastic life, and have to deal with a lot of ordinary stuff in this world. When it boils down, according to you, what is a meaningful life?

Kalu Rinpoche: The meaning of life is to liberate from the fixated world. And that’s the meaningful life that I want to lead. And that’s the life that I want to continue.

So when I practice Dharma, and that’s the main purpose. Because when we die, eventually we die, to be liberated from the bardo, we have to be liberated first with the idea of the reality, and distance from the fixated habit. So that’s that and that’s important.

Because many people when they think about the life and death, they think about as something that is “ending permanently!” and that is not the fact. The life continues. We are just making a transaction.

Host: Thank you so much! Thank you so much for your time. I think this was very valuable, both as a personal level and also for all the listeners, on behalf of all the listeners. Very happy that you took your time, and we wish you all the best. We hope to talk to you again.

Kalu Rinpoche: Okay, okay. And I want to say, thank you for both of you, and thank you for all the audience for listening. And all my best wishes to everyone, and many good wishes and tashi delek.

Host: Tukje che Rinpoche-la.