Aug 31

About Meditation with Kalu Rinpoche (transcription part 4)

Kalu Rinpoche: When you are trying to meditate, like I said previously, don’t try to be too stiff. Have a simple object, and simply try to meditate on that. Nothing before that, nothing after that, simply that.

And then once your mind is fully trained, or little bit more skillful, over the few days, over the few weeks, or maybe few hours, then you can change to the sound. Maybe there’s a sound of the river, maybe there’s a sound of the waterfall, maybe there is a sound of, like a current of water that is going through. You don’t have to think about “Where the water sound is coming from?” or “Where does it dissolve to? Where does it end? Where does it begin?” You don’t have to think about that.

You just simply listen to the sound of the water, or the echo of that sound. Simply the sound. Nothing before, nothing after, simply that.

And then slowly, if you are able to adapt to that, then you try to adapt to when people are having conversation. Rather than emerging yourself into the conversation or being impressed or being disgusted with the topic of the conversation. While people are having conversation, you simply listen to the echo of the sound and simply meditate in that sound.

And then slowly, slowly. Larger crowd of people, a bigger engagement, then your mind can synchronize together with the sense of awareness along with it.


To be continued…