May 09

Helping TCS and the local communities

In India, in Nepal, in Siliguri area as well, many people are going through immense suffering … Kalu RinpocheFB Livestream – 9 May 2021

Tibetan Cancer Society (TCS) has been doing sterling work in fighting cancer across India. It has been and continues to be the beacon of hope for thousands of underprivileged cancer patients. The extent of help required is phenomenal. Most of the patients come to us from all over the country and can’t afford two meals a day.

In such cases undergoing treatment is beyond their capacity. The society is entirely dependent on public support for its various activities concerned with financing the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients and for spreading cancer awareness and its early detection.

Tibetan Cancer Society
Tibetan settlement
New Delhi, IND
Phone: +91 8217211567


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