Sep 13

Kalu Rinpoche | 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Blessing

Hello. Tashi Delek. This is Kalu Rinpoche.

First of all, I want to say hello to everyone. I want to wish you all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, to you, and to family members, I wish you all the best. And most importantly I want to say long-life and healthy and happy life to you and to your family, relatives and friends. I wish you all the best in that direction. And then most importantly is that everything is impermanent, and then yourself even though there are difficulties time to time with the families and life, it is important to cherish it, it is important to understand that life is precious. I wish you all the best. Please continue with the meditation and Buddha Dharma practice. Thank you so much! Tashi Delek!

Kalu Rinpoche
Mid-Autumn Festival, 2019