Oct 27

Kalu Rinpoche | 4th International Conference on Vajrayana Buddhism (Part 3)

Without creating the space in your mind, thinking that “I want to be enlightened” doesn’t work. Like, you know, the idea of the enlightenment is beautiful, it’s great, but to understand how our emotions functions and seeing the reality of the anger, the reality of the jealousy, not the conclusion, just the emotion itself. The conclusion is already there, around the world.

Like Dasho-la said, there’s a Ukrainian war going on. I was there in Germany, there was immense refugees coming, 20,000 refugees coming, everyday in Berlin. I see that, I do some charity work, whatever I can do, within my capacity. I’m not a government or a rich man, or any sort of things like that, you know?

So in order to bring some sort of a peace in our mind, is to understand, not the conclusion. Conclusion is already there. If you read a history book, the conclusion is already there. The manipulation, the misuse of religion and politics, it’s already there. We have seen it, witnessed it for a long, long time. It’s nothing new.

But the way to change it from the course of the history, of repeating the same mistake, is to have a logical perspective towards your emotion, circumstance, and examining the very, examining the very reality of the emotion itself.

Like an example, when you say “I am very angry due to that person!” you have that idea of that person, but if you examine in your mind, “where is that person? Is the person the head? Is the person is anything from the bottom of the head? you know? Which part of that person is the actual person? You are angry to that person, you believe that you are angry. But where is the definition of the anger?” Because your mind believing in that. When you define, the examining, the very state of the anger, then you come to the conclusion “there is no such thing as anger”.

I know. I’ve been angry many, many, many times in my responsibilities so don’t think I’m in the some sort of a cave mountain, not challenged, you know? I’ve been challenged so many times throughout my life. Because when you’re brought up in a monastery, you know, you are trained to think perfect “sentient beings, bodhicitta, be good, everything will be fine”, but when you come to the reality of the responsibility, little bit uglier than that.


His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche talked about Niguma Yoga (8′ 30”): Tsalung Trulkhor in the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism as a part of the 4th International Conference on Vajrayana Buddhism held from October 1 to October 4 in Bhutan.
Center for Bhutan & GNH Studies

To be continued …