Nov 17

Kalu Rinpoche | A genuine connection with a master (Part 2)

In order to have a genuine connection, I think it’s very important that you have an instructor who tells you the truth, at the same time, gives you the respect and the dignity as a human being, but at the same time, gives you the Lord Buddha’s teaching without any sweet talk.

So if you find an instructor who gives you a very sweet talk, and who says that “Oh yes, you are such a good person, you have such a great karmic connection, you and me, we have a lifetime connection, karmic connection, lifetime after lifetime, and you are great and you are very great practitioner, and you are very kind practitioner, you are very beautiful practitioner“.

I mean, if you want to find a guru who gives you a sweet talk, then I think you are in a wrong place. Even though it is not harmful, but in the long term, it will be kind of a waste.

So you need to find an instructor who gives you the respect as a human being, and yet at the same time, not giving you the bubble. Because we live in a society where we have a bubble of our own way of life and then when we go to a Buddhist world and then if you go with your bubble, and then you meet a teacher who has a bubble and then again one day it is bound to burst the bubble. The bubble is bound to burst. And at that time you will feel very dependent, and then you find, confusion state of mind everywhere.

So I think you need to have a teacher who doesn’t have any sense of bubble. But who gives you the truth, and gives you sense of the principle, and attitude to be practice, and also at the same time having a sense of decency and respect and sense of dignity at the same time. And gives you the practice and then also appreciates that you are doing the practice, but without any sweet talk. And that is a good master, I believe.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 21 June 2020 (12’50”)

To be continued…