Oct 22

Kalu Rinpoche | Vajrayana Buddhism – About this “secret” Dharma (Q&A4)

Host: About this “secret” Dharma, and who can hear it, and who can’t hear it? If Rinpoche can share briefly about that? It’s difficult for me to first of all ask this question, and secondly to even attach the fact to share it with you ?

Kalu Rinpoche: There’s no such thing as secret. It’s just, the “idea” of the secrecy is that other people may misunderstood. That is the core point. Other people may misunderstood this method of visualisation, this method of practice, you know?

Like an example, can you control all the pictures of the Vajrakilaya that is surfacing on the internet? You can’t! It’s already passed that line. Your argument is true, at a certain period of time. But it is irrelevant to the world that we live in, because everything we communicate, everything we share, everything is in social media. So, you know, like an example, all the deities that we see, all the pictures, first of all, if you never be, been known by the general public in the first place, to begin with, let alone talk about it.

But, starting with His Holiness Dalaï Lama, and he gives the Kalachakra, the highest Tantra teachings and empowerment, and, you know, as long as you have a pure intention and if the person who’s learning has a pure intention, all it’s good. And if you have a negative intention, even I give you a piece of teachings, it is still incorrect, you know? Yes, yes, so I think that sort of a mindset is very important.

If you have pure intention, you’re not going to misuse it. You’re not going to misrepresent. You’re not going to take advantage of other people. You’re not going to bring that in an abuse of power, to manipulate or influence other people for your own self interest. You will practice it for your own benefit, and based upon your own realisation, you will benefit other people along your journey in life.

So idea of the secrecy is not really important. But the way it is introduced, the way it is practiced, has to be understood very clearly.


H. E Kalu Rinpoche talks to Karma Dendup about Vajrayana Buddhism, Shangpa Kagyu, Niguma Yoga and many more during the Fourth International Conference on Vajrayana Buddhism at The Centre for Bhutan and GNH Studies. (32′ 38”)