Dec 05

Kalu Rinpoche | Amitabha teaching (Morning session) Part 5

In the meantime, you should have an open mindset to any different kind of Buddhist tradition, to listen, to learn, to study, to receive empowerment, to keep your mindset open, not attached to one only. That’s important.

But you have to understand your own limitation as well. You know, you should explore, you should be adventurous but you should also understand your limitation, you know? So therefore, you can receive many things but at the same time if you don’t do retreat, if you don’t do practice by yourself there is no progress. The true definition of the progress is, like when you do meditation, when you do your spiritual practice, and then your judgment is more clear eventually over the time, you know. Whatever the decision you make is less and less, less and less to do with your egocentric attitude. You know? So then if you have that kind of a progress, that’s very good. You know?

Because majority of our judgment is more to do with “I feel vulnerable, I feel hurt, I feel angry, I feel humiliated, I feel disrespected”. And of course, you have all, sometimes you are right, sometimes you are wrong. But regardless whether you’re right or wrong, the common ground is your suffering, you know. So sometime you’re right in your story, what you tell to other people, sometime you are wrong in what you tell to other people about what you’ve been through in your life. Sometime you can be really wrong, terribly wrong, sometime you can be terribly right.

And then regardless of whether you’re right or wrong in life, there’s still suffering, lack of content in your heart, in your mind, isn’t it? You know, so in order to overcome that void in your heart is to have clarity in your mind. So suffering will not end but at least your judgment becomes more clear, less egocentric, less influenced from the illusion, from the attachment. So then there is a sense of clarity, in your life, you know.

So in order to have this capacity to overcome this illusion or the egocentric, you need to practice Dharma and you need to understand the illusion of the mind itself eventually over the time, with the meditation, with the visualization and so on. The less attachment there is, and then the less impact of the illusion there will be. And the less illusion that there will be, the less suffering in your mind there will be.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Paldenshangpa La Boulaye France
Saturday 12 November 2022 (22′ 47”)

To be continued …