Nov 13

Kalu Rinpoche | Be Aware of the Pride

Our goal is to have a mind that comes with self-awareness and precision. Be precise, not paranoid. Because many people when they’re told to be aware, they often get paranoid. If you are paranoid, that is not self-awareness. That is unstable. Your mind is trying to find the weakness, and then your mind is completely everywhere at the same time. So therefore, self-awareness is not a paranoia about yourself, or about your life.

So, my point is, to create such quality, it takes time. So therefore, we are told to have the devotion, we are told to have limitless Bodhicitta to all sentient beings. But yet, how do we cultivate section by section, and by practice and principle?

It is important to have a desire, that I did not receive enough, I need to receive more. That kind of attitude is very important. Because many of us, when we go to the section, when we go to the teaching, we hear once or twice, and then we tell ourselves, that I know everything now, therefore between my guru and myself, we’re equal. Because in terms of knowledge, we are equal. What he knows, what she knows, I know it. Right? Maybe there’s a little bit more to know. And after that, we are equal. Or maybe I’ve done the three years retreat just like himself, or just like herself, therefore, I am equal.

The poison of all that illusion comes down to the pride itself. I’m not saying the pride that when we’re in joy, when we’re doing some great practice. When I say pride, that is the selfishness act, with the extreme self-importance. Of course, basic self-importance is necessary. Like an example, I want to practice Dharma, or I want to benefit all sentient beings, or I want to improve my qualities in understanding and wisdom, that kind of importance to yourself, that self-awareness to yourself and surrounding of yourself is important. But the moment you over exaggerate, then even the Dharma cannot protect you. So therefore, being aware of the pride itself, it’s very important.

With Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
22th, Sep. 2018 @ Vancouver, Canada
Teachings on Guru Yoga (Part 2)