Apr 11

Kalu Rinpoche | Creation and Completion by Jamgon Kontrul Lodrö Thaye – April 11 2021

“Creation and Completion is the very essence, the very essential steps in order to practice the teachings from the Lord Buddha. When we call ourselves a Buddhist practitioner, our main goal is to be liberated from the cycle of illusion; therefore we practice Creation. We have to overcome any form of duality; therefore we practice Completion and recognizing the nature of mind.

These three things have to be understood inseparably together. The Creation and Completion is not just about visualizing a deity, but rather having a right mindset, right attitude, and also with a proper method in terms of practice, discipline, awareness, and inner understanding. The Creation practice is not just visualization; it all comes down to the philosophy, way of thinking, practicing, and intention. The Completion is not just dissolving, but training our mind how to recognize the nature of mind.”

— Kalu Rinpoche

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11 apr. 2021