Sep 30

Kalu Rinpoche | Creation and Completion (Session 5) | Strengthening your awareness

So when you are alone, so here are the very beautiful guideline. … Here it comes in the more detailed and profound teaching.

When you are alone, maintain your true face, maintain your origin, maintain your genuine, the sense of genuine, when you are alone.

When you are with others, when you are with other people, or with surrounding larger number of audience, strengthen your sense of awareness and sense of continuation of your state of knowing, and your clarity. Maintain that.

It may not have a destination in itself, but it gives a fruitful result over the time, does this make sense?

There’s still things to hold, even there seems there’s nothing to hold, with the sense of continuation of strengthening your awareness.


Monthly ZOOM teachings by Kalu Rinpoche
Session 5 – September 26, 2021

“[45] When alone, you can relax and maintain true nature.
When in a crowd, the powers of mindfulness, awareness, and clarity need to be carefully guarded.
Since mindful awareness in essence has no true existence,
there is nothing to attend to, but there is something to establish.
Since it is awareness-emptiness, it is somewhat difficult to establish,
but once you are used to it, it will be like meeting an old acquaintance.
Whatever appearances, sounds, or thoughts occur,
there is not one iota that is not an aspect of awareness itself.”