Dec 23

Kalu Rinpoche | Cultivate the Authentic Devotion

So going back to the topic about the devotion, for me, to be completely honest with you, I had a respect to so many different great masters, I had inspiration, I got a glimpse of devotion, in the beginning of my practice, in the middle of my practice, throughout my retreat, throughout my life, and then also not just that. After we have certain development of devotion, purity towards the master, we still put our guru in some kind of a box. We say that now I am his/her student, my guru has obligation to do this for me, to do that for me, and to give all these things and empowerments and practice and so forth. We become a little bit like that we put different kinds of category to the guru. Then, like ‘OK, that’s what my guru should do for me, because I am his/her student.’ So and so forth.

I think the true liberation is when you don’t put your guru into any kind of category, but just being present with your guru, and listening to the teachings, and simplifying all the teachings through your meditation practice again and again. I think that is very important.

So when it comes to the connection between the guru and the student, you have to keep it simple. Don’t make too complicated. Sometimes, people when they have a glimpse of devotion and then they over exaggerate, then they become lost. Some they close their mind so tight that even the Buddha is next to them, they don’t see it. So, you should not over exaggerate your devotion. There’s nothing to exaggerate, unless you want to compete with other dharma brothers and sisters. If that is your choice, and then you have to compete, you have to show, and things like that.

But the devotion does not require any kind of a grand appearance. When you have a true devotion to your guru, and then you have a true liberation within your mindset. If your devotion is something that guru requires, then that’s not still authentic devotion. When you have a true understanding of devotion, you become a free individual practitioner. But in order to reach that level, we have to cultivate with principle and practice and effort, time after time.

With Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
22th, Sep. 2018 @ Vancouver, Canada
Guru Yoga Teachings (Part 6)