Jan 06

Kalu Rinpoche | Dharma Talk at the BCC UK Monastery (Part 1)

First of all, Tashi Delek to our Rinpoche, Khenpo, Lama, Board of Director of BCC and all the participants here. Thank you very much for inviting me, and telling me to come over here. And also you being here together in this very precious moment, I cherish this moment and I’m grateful for this, for this coming here in this holy place.

As you all know, you know, this place is blessed, inaugurated by His Holiness, the Great Fourteenth Dalaï Lama, and followed by Kyabje Rabjam Rinpoche, you know, blessing, and then Rinpoche la and Lamas residing over here and guiding and teaching and meditation with all of you. I’m very fortunate to be here.

And then the other most important part that I would like to start my topic with is that I want to say thank you to Kaji Sherpa-la and then all the Board of Directors of the BCC for making it an example of the, how the Buddhist society should be. You know? Because throughout the, you know, let’s say my hometown, let’s not be too accurate, otherwise people will feel little bit sensitive, you know? Sometime, we become little bit like, little bit like […] you know? “This is my religion, my devotion”, “I am this part of the Buddhist branch, I’m that part of the Buddhist branch, you are this part of the Buddhist branch”.

But Kaji Sherpa and then all of you, Board of Directors, working together, including by Rinpoches, and Khenpos, and Lamas to open this place and making this place, not just for the one branch of the Buddhist practitioner, but rather to open to all the different branch of Buddhism and following the footstep of His Holiness Dalai Lama. You know, I’m very grateful to be here. One of the main reasons that I’m grateful to be here is that. You know? So thank you very much for inviting me.

And the second of all, is that thank you very much for the introduction, it was a very long introduction, I hope that I can live up to your expectation. You know, the way that he explained, that I’m really good at calligraphy, and then you know, with the music instrument, and all of that. I’m so far from that, you know? But anyway, it’s motivating for me.

So today, the topic is about, you know, about little bit of meditation and the benefit of the Niguma yoga. And of course, I won’t be performing the Niguma yoga in this very moment, because the time is very short. And maybe in the future, if you would like to participate, then you are very much welcome, as our Nepali Dharma brothers and sisters, you know, like an example, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, you know, we all share a common faith, and that is the Lord Buddha’s teaching. You know? And it is not something that we made up few hundred years ago, you know? It’s since the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni, you know? So, so we have that common ground, common faith, and therefore I will not speak on the behalf of the idea of the Shangpa lineage, but rather, the general Buddhist approach, from my own personal experience.


Kalu Rinpoche at the Buddhist Community Centre UK (BCC UK) Monastery – 30 Nov 2022 (25′ 35”)

To be continued …