Jan 10

Kalu Rinpoche | Dharma Talk at the BCC UK Monastery (Part 3)

Many people when they say “being Buddhist”, they believe something to do with being denial of the reality, and believing in something else in the space, you know? Like “I want to reach in heaven and pureland”. Of course that is there, but in order to reach to that, to that level of understanding, to that level of realisation, it is very important to have an understanding of renunciation. You know?

And the first step of renunciation, like an example, when we look at the Milarepa, when we look at the Buddha Shakyamuni, you know, the way that they renounce, is so immense, you know, it cannot be compared to us. We should not try to copy them. That’s what I say to all the people all the time. …not by searching for where the suffering is and how the suffering is emerging in your mind, none of it.

The first step of renunciation, comes from being sincere. You know. It doesn’t come from changing clothes. It doesn’t come from changing guru, it doesn’t come from changing a different Buddhist centre. The first step of being a Buddhist, and follower of Buddha Shakyamuni, comes from being sincere, you know?

Being sincere doesn’t mean “be terrible at your business”, … you have to pretend little bit, you know? You have to “behave” in a certain way, little bit. Do based on the circumstances, situation you might be in. But when it comes to practice, be completely sincere! As if that there is no tomorrow. You know, be 100% sincere!

As you develop that sincerity in the practice, whether it’s a meditation, or like here, whether you practice Guru Rinpoche, whether you practice Chenrezig, whether you practice White Tara or Green Tara, be completely sincere! If you are completely sincere in that practice, regardless of the length of the practice, that effect of that practice will influence your attitude, your way of life, how you prioritise things in life, and the character, you know? It will influence all by itself. Naturally. Step by step. You know?

So you should live your life way you want, little bit chaotic, you know, the way you want. But, when you are practicing, practice sincerely, honestly, genuinely! You know?

Like an example, when you take a refuge to the Buddha Shakyamuni, you know, you are taking a refuge to the Buddha Shakyamuni until the day that you are enlightened, sincerely from the bottom of the heart. Not like “that’s something I’ve done yesterday, so today I’m going to do the same, and that’s what my parents told me, and that’s what my culture tells me to do” and if you have that kind of an obligation attitude, it is not really touching your heart.

And that is good, it’s better than nothing, you know? But to be 100% sincere from the heart, you know, is very important. Then if you are sincere, with your wrongdoing, then as a Buddhist practitioner, then the honesty in the character can be emerge over the time. Otherwise being honest is very difficult, you know? Without sincerity. You know?


Kalu Rinpoche at the Buddhist Community Centre UK (BCC UK) Monastery – 30 Nov 2022 (33′)

To be continued …