Jan 13

Kalu Rinpoche | Dharma Talk at the BCC UK Monastery (Part 4)

So the sincerity comes from your practice, and having that attitude within that practice.

And then gradually, when you have that foundation, sincerity to the Vajrasattva practice, sincerity on, like an example, “I have done this wrong yesterday, day before, few hours ago, few moments ago, I’ve done this wrong, I’ve said this wrong, I’ve committed this wrong” sincerely. Like the recent wrongdoing, you know? When you make a confession from bottom of your heart.

Not like “I might have done something last year, I don’t know, I forgot, you know!” You know? If you confess like that, then it doesn’t mean anything to you. If it doesn’t mean anything to you, it will not change anything in you, you know? So, so therefore, sincerity. That’s what I meant, sincerity. You know?

But when it comes to the street level, don’t be sincere. You know? When you’re outside of the meditation box, be liar, cheat, whatever you have to do, do it, you know? To survive. You know, to maintain your dignity in society, whatever that may be. Maintain it. Don’t judge yourself too harsh. You know? Because not everybody is in the “right condition”, “right circumstance”, the “right surrounding”, the “right people” around them all the time, you know?

But having that pure intention in your mind, then wanting to become better, you know? Not in a very ego, egoistic way, but in a long term, wanting to make a change, you know? And then, whenever you may be practicing, even you are doing practice for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, you know? Doing it sincerely. If you are sincere, you know, to yourself, like that, naturally, effect of that, the whole illusion of the attachment that creates from the ego, dissolves by itself. You understand? Yeah?

Otherwise if you say “attachment is bad, attachment is bad” that is little bit like you have a naughty child and you say “Ah my child is naughty, my child is naughty, my child is naughty” doesn’t change anything. Your child is still naughty. You can repeat thousand times, your child is still naughty. But if you try to understand the cause and the reason of the suffering, of certain behaviour, then you can improve, you can change, you know?

So just like that, when it comes to practice, if you’re sincere in your practice, don’t give too much pressure. We are already overwhelming, you know? Under pressure when it comes to work, paying rent, looking after your children, and husband, and wife, and families and friendship and how you look and how you appear in the society. We have tremendous pressure already, you know? So when you seek spiritual, spirituality, and a liberation from the spiritual path, you should not pressure too hard to behave or to, to behave or to have attitude in a certain way.

You should not push against your limitation. You know? Everything should go along with your limitation. The limitation of your understanding. So the more you are sincere with your practice, of your wrongdoing, and your progress, you know? And then naturally the very fixation, the strength of the illusion of the attachment, that is appearing from the ego itself, reduces by itself.
As the ego and attachment reduce by itself, how you reflect the cause of the suffering and the reality of the suffering, your mindset becomes far more broader, you know? Instead of very limited acceptance, you will have a very broad acceptance, over the time. You know?

So, so therefore it is very important. That’s number one. You know?


Kalu Rinpoche at the Buddhist Community Centre UK (BCC UK) Monastery – 30 Nov 2022 (36′ 14”)

To be continued …