Jan 20

Kalu Rinpoche | Dharma Talk at the BCC UK Monastery (Part 6)

And then now, the third, the most important is, when it comes to being a Buddhist practitioner, is that in Himalayan culture, and also now in, you know, for a long time we have this in the Western culture, that trying to find this so called “guru”, you know? “I need to find a guru”, “I’m a Buddhist practitioner, so now therefore I need to find a guru”. You should not do that. I’m not trying to make it sound attractive, you know?

Guru is something you find it eventually, over the time, you know? Meantime, you have to learn the teachings of the Lord Buddha, in the meantime, you listen to the teachings of all the great masters from the different traditions whether it’s from the Nyingma, or Sakya, or Kagyu, or Gelug, or Jonang, or Shangpa, listen to many teachings as possible, you know? Keep your mind simple.

As you develop over the time spiritually, and then you find the true meaning of the guru. And the genuine master, you will find it. Because the true meaning of the guru is not necessarily a masculine figure or the feminine figure. The true meaning of the guru, is that, the one that reflects, you know, the truth beyond illusion and the one that liberates you from the cycle of illusion. That is the meaning of the guru. And that is the job, and the responsibility of the guru, you know? And that is the job, and the responsibility of the guru, you know? And that’s, that’s why needing to recognise the nature of the mind, whether you call it Dzogchen, or whether you call it Chakchen, to recognising the nature of the mind is very important.


Kalu Rinpoche at the Buddhist Community Centre UK (BCC UK) Monastery – 30 Nov 2022 (43′ 05”)

To be continued …