Jan 24

Kalu Rinpoche | Dharma Talk at the BCC UK Monastery (Part 8)

Like the Shangpa masters, they said, you know, they said “the difference between the sentient beings and enlightened being, is either you are absent from the illusion, or under the influence of the illusion”, you know?

If you are absent from illusion, you’re enlightened. If you are under the influence of illusion”, illusion of what? Illusion doesn’t mean that you become delusional. Okay? It’s a very, very different from being delusional. You know? Some people they are completely delusional, they, they didn’t realise anything, okay? They can’t even help themself, let alone helping others. So just don’t misunderstand meaning of somebody […]

His blessing, his kindness is equally same to everybody, you know? That is a somebody who is awakened state of mind. Those who are not awakened state of mind, then it becomes “who is respecting me more?”, “who is more devoted to me?”, “this one can be my student”, “this one, not really sure, not really good student”, then you put a lot of differences in other people, and of course, you behave in a certain way, you know?

But if you are enlightened being, like an example, Milarepa again, there’s no differences whether you are 16 years old, like Rechung Dorje Drakpa, you know, or like a farmer, who has absolutely nothing, you know, to the person who has everything. The way he gives teachings, the way he shows his loving kindness is exactly the same, you know?

So you cannot pretend in a certain way, just because you hear that is a method, you know?

Like an example, I always tell other people “compassion is a realisation, it’s not an emotion”. Many people when they call themself a Buddhist practitioner, they tell themselves to be “kind” and “compassionate”, yes, to be kind is good, to be generous is good, to be good example for the next generation and towards your other people and families and the people around you, is good.

But if you pretend to be compassionate, and that is incorrect.


Kalu Rinpoche at the Buddhist Community Centre UK (BCC UK) Monastery – 30 Nov 2022 (46′ 53”)

To be continued …