Sep 17

Kalu Rinpoche | Dissolve our ego

The main objective in our lives should be to dissolve our ego.
The subject of ego is discussed widely.
Yet we have a great need to bring harmony to our minds.
Harmony comes from stability of the mind.
To achieve the essence of stability in the mind, we must follow the path to enlightenment. The path to enlightenment has been demonstrated and explained by many masters throughout history. These are factual accounts – not works of fiction. These accounts written by many spiritual masters, serve to encourage and inspire us on our own path. They show us the truth and reality of our existence. They enable us to take the first steps on our spiritual path with kindness and diligence, helping us overcome our ego.
Rather than focusing on stories of the great masters and their glorious achievements, we should focus instead on our mistakes and failures on the path. Stories and romantic notions of great spiritual practitioners will appeal to the ego but focusing on our failures will bring far greater advancement. Your mind and it’s capacity for positivity is limitless. We should embrace it with humility.

Even then with my beautiful words and with your beautiful steps on your spiritual path always prioritize to focus on the failure not on the glory or Fiction.
Because the glory and fiction has a limit and is friend of ego, your mind and your positive capacity has no limit therefore embrace it yet be humble with it

Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche

January 2018