Apr 21

Kalu Rinpoche Earth Day Address: What’s Happening on Earth?

In these critical times, when the world is shaken awake by the dire circumstance of the coronavirus pandemic and related global environmental challenges, Buddhism offers unique perspectives on the causes and conditions that got us here, as well as wise and compassionate approaches to address such circumstances.

His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche is the rebirth of the great accomplished master Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, who was an incarnation of Jamgon Kongtrul the Great and who was considered to be a second Milarepa. Kalu Rinpoche was instrumental in establishing the Kagyu and Shangpa teachings in the West.
Kalu Rinpoche is a remarkably refreshing teacher. He received the traditional education and training in Tibetan Buddhism, and completed a three-year retreat. Since then, he has fully engaged with the modern world. Rinpoche joins the heart of Buddhist tradition directly to the 21st century, making his teaching poignantly relevant to our times.
Nine years ago, Tai Situ Rinpoche instructed Kalu Rinpoche to assume his responsibility as head of the Shangpa Lineage, as his predecessor had been. Rinpoche has been teaching, providing transmissions, and revitalizing many dharma centers for the past ten years. He has set up three-year retreat centers in India and Europe, and will soon establish a three-year retreat in North America.

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