Feb 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Emptiness (Part 2)

Obviously some students have to go through all these different structures of practices then they understand the meaning of emptiness. Some practitioners follow the whole structure and in the middle, they understand the meaning of emptiness. Some of them even understand from the beginning. But let us not assume that we can all realize it from the beginning. It is better to keep it that way, to think that we will understand the meaning of emptiness by the end of the practice. That is the first thing.

The recognition of emptiness is based on how you view your practice. We often think that the beginning of the practice is not really important and that the end of the practice is really important. The middle of the practice is semi important. That is not true. Every sentence, every chapter, every session of the practice is important. One is not less important than the other. As a practitioner we must focus our mind from the beginning to the end and not just being there and being happy with what I have already practiced, but also wanting to practice more in the future or even in the next session. That habit from your mindset is very important.


From my first book < I Am a Lost and Found Buddhist >
Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche
February 2022