Sep 30

Kalu Rinpoche | Emptiness (Part 3)

In Mahamudra, we think that from the teacher telling you once, we think that we understand and recognize it. We don’t! There is a micro detail that you must be aware of because there is a big chance that if you assume too much, that instead of being in the Mahamudra state, you are just being numb. That is not it.

Having a clarity of mind, a sharpness, is very important and the recognition of the Buddha nature will only come from the instructions of the master. A very advanced practitioner can realize the nature of the mind by being anywhere, everywhere. But individuals like ourselves, we must focus on the teachings of the master and the teachings of the whole lineage.

The real nature of the mind is not something that you create. Creation is something you have lots of time to do with the deity practice. By the time you reach Mahamudra, you no longer need to prepare to meditate and should not create anything from your mind. Just being very much present with clarity is what is required.


From my first book < I Am a Lost and Found Buddhist >
Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche
September 2022