May 29

Kalu Rinpoche | End of Retreat

People assume that at the end of the retreat, that is done and you just fly away like a bird. But the reality is that the real retreat starts after the retreat. That is a very important mindset that you have to have, very strongly. This is number one. Number two is that of course there are so many practices that we already accumulated during the time of the retreat strating from Ngondro all the way down to meditation, teachings, Mahamudra etc. All the practices we have done in the retreat are an experience for us and it is important to have one practice, to choose one practice.

You have to choose one category of practice whether it is lojong or whether it is bodhicitta, guru yoga, or protector practice. You have to be content by then to choose and to be determined to have one practice. You need to reach that kind of determination and quality of mind. If you keep on going “Oh, I need this practice,” if you become a collector then it will no longer benefit.


—《I Am a Lost and Found Buddhist 》• End of Retreat
It is from my first book We will publish soon.
Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche

September 2018