May 31

Kalu Rinpoche | Experience of the bardo (Part 3)

And all these experience, is experienced by all of us in the state of the dream. No, I mean, not all of that, but dissolving the element, we all experience every night. Unless if you eat heavy food, oily and heavy, unhealthy food, and everything, and then go to sleep, of course, obviously you will not know it. You need to have some form of habit, in order to catch the dream.

And catching the dream is not something like what we imagine. So the whole point of catching the dream is to recognize the meaning of illusion, all the relative truth as illusion. And the purpose of recognizing everything as a part of the illusion, is to recognize the nature of the mind. So our goal is not about “recognizing the dream, recognizing the dream, and catching the dream”, and so on, so forth.

Like an example, when we go to sleep, and when we are in the state of the dream, we feel everything, we see everything, sadness, joy, in that very moment we say “everything thing is real, that man is real, that woman is real, that house is real, that people is real, that money is real, that mountain is real, that river is real, everything is real!” We have this strong tendency of belief. But in that very moment, everything was real! But the moment you awakened, and then everything was gone.

So seeing is not believing all the time. So there’s many things that we can experience. So the most important you need to understand is not grasping to the idea that “Oh, I need to do a dream yoga” No, that’s not the point. The point is that you are doing the dream yoga in order to understand the better version of the illusion, in order to understand the relative truth of the illusion.

And when you understand that, over the practice, and then you understand the nature of the mind. When you recognize the nature of the mind, then you no longer hang around or being in a state of confusion in the actual bardo in the time of death. So that’s the whole purpose.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 12 March 2021