Nov 30

Kalu Rinpoche | From the negative to positive (Part 1)

Q: What are the basic components of healthy thinking in our day to day life and how to transform our thoughts from the negative to positive?

A: So I think the most important, is that we need to have an understanding, have a clear mindset. Is your aim to seek the absolute enlightenment? Or is your aim is to seek the worldly happiness?

And both is okay. You don’t have to say “Oh, I’m terrible, I’m seeking only worldly things”. No, you don’t have to blame yourself. There’s so many practitioners throughout the history that who only prioritized the worldly things and then there’s many great mahasiddhas who only prioritized the ultimate goals and so on. So you can temporarily focus on the worldly wellbeing, and then shift into ultimate goal over the time. So that is a possibility. Many of the masters have happened like that in the past, and many practitioners as well.

So therefore, how to transform our thoughts? In order to get into the idea of transforming, first you have to recognize the projection of thought. If you cannot recognize the projection of thought, you cannot transform anything.

So first is that you have to recognize it. And many of the times, whatever the things that we see or hear, somebody criticizing you or praising you, then it comes into your mind, and that projects the reality of what you are influenced. And that’s what we call the advertisement. It is to influence your mind. It is to influence your mind, but there, or this, or that particular place, has some sort of a solution. And we live in that world, every time in the social media, when you walk outside, subconsciously there is always an advertisement that is manipulating our mind. It’s not necessarily negative or positive, it’s just that it’s how our reality is perceived based on what we are influenced and then we have no idea of the projection of thoughts, and then we just, whatever the external influences are there, then we project right away into a reality. And that is a problem.

So therefore, in order to get into the idea of “transforming”, you have to recognize what is the projection of thought. So like an example, you cannot conquer all the emotions at once. But what you can do, is you can conquer anger. It’s more easier. Anger is more easier to conquer, aggression is little bit hard to conquer, and lack of content in the state of mind, is more harder to overcome.

So all these three are interrelated, but is appear one after another because it is all based one on another. None of that emotion appeared spontaneously by itself. So the state of the ill content is due to the ignorance of oneself. The ignorance is simply the state of mind that is absent from the clarity of mind. Right? So, now, put that on the side.


Kalu Rinpoche – From Italy
FB Livestream – November 14, 2021 (49′ 30”)

To be continued…