Dec 12

Kalu Rinpoche | From the negative to positive (Part 2)

Projection of thought. So when you are perceiving, you see a beautiful person, you see an ugly person, you see something attractive, you see something unattractive. Right? So whatever the perception you may have, you are seeing an object, a human being, or material, you are witnessing that object, at the same time, just next to that object, just next to that object you have the state of mind where you say “I justify the losing control of myself, I justify that I followed this object, I justify anything in between until I get this object”. So that is the attachment, right?

So attachment is not a problem. Okay? Everybody can have an attachment. Like an example, I have an attachment to a Buddha statue, I have an attachment to certain practice, to certain visualisation. So the attachment has a different layer. When you say that “I cannot have attachment”, that is basically like you are going up on the tower and then say “I have a wing! I can fly!” That’s basically what you are saying to yourself! You cannot.

So the attachment has a lot of layers. So there is a certain attachment that is very rigid, that we need to solve, and that there is a certain attachment that takes more time, and there is a certain fixation that has to be dissolved over the time. So it’s not like “one emotion right there, I can solve it, it’s not good, and somebody told me it’s not good, and it’s not good”, it’s not an object! And that’s something that we have to accept.


Kalu Rinpoche – From Italy
FB Livestream – November 14, 2021 (49′ 30”)

To be continued…