Dec 13

Kalu Rinpoche | From the negative to positive (Part 3)

So coming back to the state of the emotion. So when you have, whatever the emotion may be, let’s say anger. So when the anger is arise, or about to be arisen, and then you look at the very sensation of the anger, you do not project the idea of the anger to the person, you do not connect the dot between the anger and to the person, you do not connect the dot between the anger and the object, but you rather see this anger as a singular emotion. That is separated from the object or from that human being.

So as you examine that very state of the anger, first you recognise the projection of thoughts. Projection of thought with a sensation of the anger, as you recognise that, without any negative or positive opinion, you just simply look at the very state of the anger. You do not say “that’s good anger”, you do not say “that’s a bad anger”. When the anger is risen, right there in that very moment, you look with a very open eyes, from your mind, with a very gentle attitude, you just simply look at the anger for a few seconds. And then that anger dissolves by itself. Because the very identity of the anger is because you “believe” it is there.

And also the problem to the solution is that you want to “control” the anger. And the control does not exist. Anger does not exist. So the solution, the one that “appears” to be the solution, also is a problem. Problem is a problem, the one that appears to be the solution, to “control” the anger, is also a problem.

So way to solve it is to look at the anger as it is. You do not say “that’s good anger”, “that’s bad anger”. You do not say “Oh I have a bad karma, good karma”, none of that crap. Just simply look. As you look at the anger, the very sensation and the very state of the mind of the anger dissolves, and it disintegrates. And then again, due to the cycle of habit, it will come again. Okay? It will come back again and again, each time you do it, same thing.

But in order to have that awareness, alertness, and that sensitivity, in your mind, you need to practice meditation. You need to practice divinity. You need to do accumulation of mantras, or visualizing the element, or visualizing an object, and so on. Anything that you can bring your mind to slow down, and to breathe little bit. Then it can generate the alertness and the positive sensitivity. Not the sensitivity with anxiety, not the sensitivity with the vulnerability, but rather sensitivity with a sense of clarity in mind. Okay? So that’s it.


Kalu Rinpoche – From Italy
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