Jul 14

Kalu Rinpoche | Fundraising campaign for the Bhutanese people

Tashi Delek everyone,

In this difficult time, of course, we have been helping a lot of different charities in countries such as India, Brazil, in different villages and towns. We have been doing it based on your support since 2020 and during this year, for the different communities throughout the different countries.

This time I would like to create a new fundraising campaign for the Bhutanese people, as many of my students are also from Bhutan. Therefore, I would like to support them based on your generosity and dedication.

Please donate within your own capacity. I appreciate your dedication.

We will update you all the financial details, amount of donations that we will receive, the medical equipment once purchased, when equipment are handed over to the Bhutanese Health Authorities and we will update you with pictures and details of the funds.

Thank you so much for your generosity and your support, helping other people in this very difficult time.

Kalu Rinpoche – July 14, 2021