Oct 07

Kalu Rinpoche | How do I prevent or cure anxiety

Q: Rinpoche, how do I prevent or cure anxiety, because sometimes I worry too much about so I tend to get anxiety

A: I think every one of us, we get anxiety, we get anxious, we get into a very extreme anxiety state of mind, here and there in our life and specially when we are facing something very under pressure, or something very important, and then we tend to find a quick solution as possible.

I think when it comes to that, I think all of us, it’s too late, and also I don’t want to pretend “Oh, I am Kalu Rinpoche, I have a solution”. I don’t want to pretend that something that I don’t have, or something that I don’t know. So I think the very important is that, meditating in the morning, meditating in the evening, and seeing and looking into your mind, looking into your emotion, clearly and without extreme judgement. I think that kind of attitude is important. With Shiné practice, Laktong practice, Lamrim practice, and then once you have that kind of a sense of stability, such solution in extreme anxiety can be develop by itself.

But if you are looking for a painkiller for anxiety, right away, in that particular moment, I don’t think I have that painkiller. And I do not believe that anybody can provide that painkiller. So before we reach the conclusion to be anxiety, before that, when you are comfortable, when you are relaxed little bit, use that opportunity to meditate and understand yourself and analyse your emotion, analyse the projection of your mind, and then if you are able to confront that, and overcome that in a quiet, good time, then in a difficult time, in a challenging time, there’s a more chance you can overcome the anxiety.

So basically, the whole topic about the anxiety is a projection of our emotion, and also a projection of our thoughts. The overcoming the projection of our thoughts, and projection from our emotions, in order to overcome any of these illusion, you have to have a certain foundation. Without having any sense of foundation, and searching for a last minute painkiller, medicine and solution, I don’t think it is going to be helpful for anybody. So that’s that.


Kalu Rinpoche
Facebook Livestream, 17 Dec 2019