Nov 24

Kalu Rinpoche | How important is Ngöndro (Part 2)

So, so just try to look back in history little bit. Don’t try to feed on the things that what you hear only in this time, you know? If you, if you are in the military, right? If you are in the military, you have to read all the, all the battles of the history right? A different conqueror, or like a generals, their mistake, their error, you know? Their success, their downfall. You know, you have to study all of that. And then that’s how you succeed in your military academy. And then be successful in the real life.

And then if you want to be a Buddhist practitioner, you have to read all the different history of the different masters. Different practitioners, different masters, how they have interacted, how they have overcome their confusion, how they have overcome their suffering and the renunciation, you know? So the more you read the history, then you can understand the institution of the Buddhism, and the Dharma itself, and the politics of the Buddhism. All of that.

Then your mind can be more pure, into “okay, this is Dharma, this is practice, and this is all bull shit”. You know? And then you can be more determined and dedicated.

It’s helpful to learn a little bit of history. You don’t need to be like a “scholar” or, how do you call it, the historian, professor. You know, you don’t have to reach to that level, but at least try to read the, you know, different figures throughout the different centuries, and their biography, and their practice, their teachings, as well as their life. And what happened to their life when they’re young. What happened to their life when they’re older. What happened to them when they’re middle age. What inspired them, what discouraged them, you know? In a human level. Trying to understand.

Not like in a style, saying “oh my goodness! this is a great master, I’m reading their biography!” not like that. But rather with a little bit sense of doubtfulness, with a clarity in mind, you know? That sort of attitude is quite important.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 23 October 2022 (1h 11′ 52”)