Mar 19

Kalu Rinpoche | How to generate devotion to guru (Part 1)

Q: Can you explain how to generate devotion to guru?

A: You cannot have a devotion by wanting to have devotion. You simply cannot.

Trying to copy other people, “Other people, oh, they in tears”, and “Oh, they’re making prayers” and “Oh look at the melody, it’s so beautiful” and all of that, that will not give you, that will not make you generate the devotion.

The only way to generate the devotion is by understanding the reality of the suffering. Because why are we Buddhist? That’s the first question that we have to ask. Why are we Buddhist? We are Buddhist because we want to have peace, we want to have a sense of quietness in our mind, we want to have a sense of happiness in our mind. We want to liberate ourself from the cycle of illusion and the cycle of samsara.

So that is our intention, so the reason we become Buddhist. Or we seek for the religious path or spiritual path, is because we don’t want to be in the cycle of illusion, we don’t want to be in the cycle of suffering. We want to be liberated, we want to, we want to explore more of our own capacity. And we want to be happy, and we don’t want suffering.

So being said that, I think the most important is that, when you understand this and analyze again and again, again and again, and then devotion to the Buddha will come, first. And then to Guru by itself, over time.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 14 March 2021

To be continued…