Mar 31

Kalu Rinpoche | How to generate devotion to guru (Part 3)

So like an example, all of these are impermanence. Impermanence is also a guru. Guru doesn’t mean that somebody has to wear like a hat and wear different clothes. First realization of the guru has to start with everything that is in constant change, that is also a guru. Anything to do with the reflection of the truth without manipulation, that is a guru. So, the so called, the figure guru has to come later on, over time.

Why it has to come later on? Because you cannot push yourself to see someone as a buddha. No matter how many millions of money you will get. You cannot push yourself, it doesn’t work like that. So the more you develop yourself, the more clarity you have, then more clarity you see, through your mind, and the more quality realization master you will see with your own eyes, with your own wisdom, by yourself.

Then at that time, after a few years, you will have a genuine devotion from the heart, and then it will remain like that. So that’s the understanding that we need to have. So the devotion is not up for grabbing, devotion is a destination. Our perception has to start with all this relative truth is a teaching, the suffering is a teaching, relative truth is a teaching, the time is precious, that is also teaching, the human life is precious, that’s also a teaching. That’s really true, that’s really true. Sense of content and awareness, and sense of joy that you discovered. Not arrogance.

So and then over time, then you will interact with different tradition, different masters. You don’t go there and say “Oh can you be my guru?” Don’t ever do that. Receive teachings, practice, receive teachings, receive empowerments, so on, so forth. And then over time, once there’s a quality that you develop over time, and then you will see the master, as a true master over time.

Nobody is putting you pressure. By giving you pressure doesn’t succeed anything in Buddha Dharma path. So if the pressure is a method, then everybody should get a pressure of Buddha Dharma’s teaching, then maybe everybody will get enlightened, right? That is not a reality. You cannot have a devotion, or have a guru because you have a pressure or sense of obligation. It doesn’t happen. So you just have a sense of patience, trust in the Lord Buddha’s teaching, practice, keep it simple. And sense of vast understanding, vast profound wisdom and a genuine compassionate mindset, all these are the realization quality, not a beginning level of understanding. So, also that applies to the guru as well.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 14 March 2021