Oct 27

Kalu Rinpoche | How to handle extreme emotions

Q: When we face a very extreme emotion, how can we handle that?

A: I think everybody faces extreme emotions, therefore you have to use the moment of that extreme emotions to change your mind to the Buddha Dharma. I think that is important.

‌Because many people they are very confused with what to do with the very extreme emotions. Every time they have some extreme emotions, they expect some medicine pills coming‌ from the Lord Buddha. In fact, there will be not any kind of medicine pills or pain killer. The medicine and the liberator, everything is yourself.

‌For example, in my life, I’ve been through a lot, really a lot. So, whenever I have all these extreme humiliation, or extreme disappointment, extreme suffering, every moment when I have that kind of a very strong sense of emotion, sadness, I tell myself in this very moment, ‘They have disrespected me, human try to humiliate me, by listening to their own negative emotions, and therefore I will overpower them by my positive Buddha Dharma’s teaching and compassion.’ That’s how you make yourself stronger.

Because people think they make themselves stronger by sitting down in the temple and doing meditation. Of course, it is. But then, the way you make yourself stronger is that, whenever there is a strong sense of sadness, disappointment, humiliation, or any kind of negative sadness, use that very moment of sadness to trigger your state of mind into a positive direction. The way to function like that is, you tell yourself ‘I’m disappointed, I’m sad, I’m humiliated, but I will not let all these negative emotions transform into hatred. I will transform it ‌into the opposite of what other people are expecting. I will transform it into kindness and compassion.’

Because every negativity is temporary, while all positivity is permanent. Therefore, you have to find the trigger and then make yourself stronger each time. That’s what I think.


With Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Facebook Live Talk on 4th, Sep. 2018