Jan 11

Kalu Rinpoche | How to reach to the Phowa practice (Part 3)

Because in order to liberate ourself in the state of the bardo, you need to practice recognizing the nature of the mind. Without the recognizing the nature of the mind, there will be no purpose of catching the dream, there will be no purpose of practicing the illusion. Without practicing the illusion, without understanding or overcoming with the practicing the illusion, there’s no point of doing a Phowa practice. There’s no point of practicing bardo either.

So you need to stop thinking that Phowa practice is a singular practice. You need to understand in order to reach the Phowa, you need all the steps over time. You need a commitment and you need a time and you need a gradual practice, and you need a proper instructor.

And then the purpose of the Phowa practice itself becomes meaningful once you put together as in a library book. When one of the volume is missing in the library book, it’s almost impossible to skip to the next. So it’s little bit like keeping all the volumes together. So the Phowa practice is little bit like one of the volume that you need to practice, and you cannot lose the previous volume, you have to make sure all the volumes are intact.

So that you can understand, intellectually as a student. And as a practitioner you can practice it, experience it. You can experience it over time.

So that is my answer to you.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 15 November 2020