Apr 08

Kalu Rinpoche | How to recognize the distraction when reciting mantras(1)——Combining Body, Speech and Mind

Q: How to recognize the distraction when we are reciting mantras?

A: Reciting mantras, it is not just simply a verbal practice. It is a body, speech and mind combined together. Body in a sense, the seven posture of Bodhisattva. That’s number one, the principle of the body. In terms of the mind, visualizing yourself as a Bodhisattva or visualizing in front of you of a Bodhisattva. That’s the mind activity. Also from your speech, then you recite the mantras.

All these three, even though, it may look little bit separate in the beginning, gradually as you improve, it will be inseparable. It will become your natural attitude towards your practice.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
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26th. Jan. 2020