Apr 09

Kalu Rinpoche | How to recognize the distraction when reciting mantras(2)——Do not repeat concerns

Q: How to recognize the distraction when we are reciting mantras?

A (Part 2): Result of my own analyzing in that path is that we have to recognize the projection of thoughts. That’s number one.

In the beginning, our mind might be a little bit like in the cloud by thinking that ‘Oh! I need to focus, and I need to visualize. I should not be distracted.’ Such the second thought of under pressure of ‘Oh! I should not be distracted. I should not be distracted.’ That kind of attention,that’s very much having a concern, is not really helpful.

If you’re sharing lot of effort in the direction of concerned but in the opposite side, you’re barely investigating the projection of mind, the influence of mind, and the projection of thoughts. These are something that you must analyze.

If you want to solve the matter of the distraction, of the body, speech, and mind practice, having a concern doesn’t solve the problem.

Having a concern, everybody has a concern like, ‘I want to be enlightened. Or I want to practice.’ Having that concern is good in that level, but it’s not made for or created for reciting. So, repeating concern again and again, is not going to solve any problem, is not going to increase wisdom either, is not going to bring peace either.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
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26th. Jan. 2020