Mar 07

Kalu Rinpoche | How to train our mind to get peaceful death (Part 2)

But let me make it more clear. Right? Many people when they talk about “phowa practice“, they think that “phowa practice” is something to do, “transmission” and then “everything is good“, right? So that’s what we think. And then some people they think that “Oh, chöd and phowa practice is good because you transmit your state of the consciousness and then there’s no dramas and everything is fine, and because that’s the absolute method”.

But in order to utilize that, that as an, you know, as it is a teachings of the Lord Buddha, as it is a teaching of Machig Labdrön, and all the great masters, right? In order to use that, you know, profoundly with, you know, with a deep impact to yourself, you need to have established foundation. Without a sense of stability of foundation, you know, or like a quality of calmness, quality of clarity in your mind, whatever the practice may be, whether it’s a phowa practice, whether it’s a chöd practice, whatever it may be, you know, it cannot benefit you. You know?

So you need to have some form of preparation. Some form of, you know, depth. Some form of, where you can have a some kind of a grip. You know? And that is very important.

Because in order to make a meaningful phowa, you need to have a very clear, clear, clear, clear recognition to the state of the consciousness, and also a clarity to the visualization itself. Not some kind of “maybe yes, maybe not”. A very clear visualization. And very clear, you know, and able to recognize the state of the consciousness. So these two are very important.

So, but in order to reach that, you need to understand what is reality, what is illusion, you know? Because all the reality that we have a perception, that we have a perception with about the reality, the perception of our reality, is all interrelated. None of that is born out of accident. Everything is interrelated, right? And so that is the teachings of the Lord Buddha. That’s number one.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 14 Feb 2021 (18′ 50”)

To be continued …