Mar 10

Kalu Rinpoche | How to train our mind to get peaceful death (Part 3)

Number two, is that, you know, we as a practitioner, in order to understand and to have a realization, not just understand in an intellectual standpoint, but to clearly understand “all the reality that I have a perception, is truly interrelated”, right? So having that kind of a deep realization.

When I say realization, not just saying “Oh yes, I think I understand, maybe”, not that kind of realization. A profound without any doubt. That kind of realization.

So once you have that kind of a realization, that all the external movement of things are, you know, you know, are interrelated, but if you examine each one after another, to, to the state of the, you know, to the atom, then itself has, how do I say, front, back, left, right. And if it has a front, back, left, right, then you can still examine more further. As you examine more, more, more further, and then, you know, there’s nothing but a state of emptiness, right?

Like an example, like when we look from far away, we say “that is mountain”. But if you examine the mountain, piece after piece, piece by piece, right? and then the mountain itself is a piled of sand. And that piled of sand, each, you know, pieces of sand has a different direction. If it has different direction, you can examine more further, and more further and more further. And ultimately there’s no direction, and there’s only the state of emptiness, you know?

So all the perception of the reality is interrelated. If you examine it, you know, you understand the meaning of emptiness by analytical standpoint.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 14 Feb 2021 (21′ 15”)

To be continued …