Oct 25

Kalu Rinpoche | I need a mantra to progress from

Q: I need a mantra to progress from.

A: I think that you should start from is Chenrezig mantra and Shakyamuni mantra, I think that’s the most two important mantra that we have to keep in mind. Because many individual when they start with the Vajrayana and some kind of a different level of practice, they just jump into the conclusion of wanting to practice something very secret. But there is no such as a secret practice. It’s just, you know, proper preparation that is structurally done for the individual benefit.

So therefore, from my understanding, one first mantra is the Buddha Shakyamuni’s, mentioning his name. And then the second is Chenrezig mantra. Because when you call yourself a Buddhist practitioner, the first thing you have to explain to yourself and to others and to practice is meditation combined with compassion. So that’s one thing. And not forgetting the root of the lord Buddha’s teaching, therefore reciting Buddha Shakyamuni’s name as a mantra. And I think these two mantra is very very important to begin with. And it’s not something that we should forget. Must give importance in that two things.


With Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Jan. 19th, 2019 – Facebook Live teaching