Jun 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Illusory Body and Mind Lesson 8 – June 14, 2024

Lesson 1: Overcoming Fixation: Introduction to Vajrayana Practice
Lesson 2: Proper Reliance on the Vajra Master
Lesson 3: The Path to Recognizing the Nature of Mind
Lesson 4: Physical Postures, Mudras, and Subtle Channels
Lesson 5: Blending the Spiritual and Mundane: Song of a Mahāsiddha
Lesson 6: First Category of Preliminaries in the Illusory Body and Mind Practice
Lesson 7: Niguma’s Heart Advice: Second Category of Preliminaries
Lesson 8: The Illusory Body and Mind Primary Practice Session
Lesson 9: Eight Visualizations in Illusory Body and Mind Practice
Lesson 10: Essential Instructions on the Bardo Practice

Lesson 8: The Illusory Body and Mind Primary Practice Session

Rinpoche follows a short text originating from Niguma on how to practically conduct an entire meditation session on the illusory body and mind, giving particular attention to key foundational topics such as gratitude, diligence, and karma. You’ll refine your understanding of the visualizations and how to pursue these meditations in the context of your daily practice.

As Rinpoche mentions in the course, in Tibetan a Buddhist practitioner is sometimes called a nangpa, or “one who looks inwardly.”
In this course, Rinpoche’s teachings reveal again and again what it means to truly embody this, drawing from his extensive and rigorous training and sharing insights from his own path.
Rinpoche lays out clearly for us how and why we stay in confusion and suffering. And he reveals how we can transform our lives and experience an entirely new version of reality.

Enter the tantric teachings of the six yogas of Niguma, guided by the lineage master H. E. Kalu Rinpoche. The Illusory Body and Mind, the new course with H. E. Kalu Rinpoche.

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