Mar 10

Kalu Rinpoche | Impermanence and personal growth

One realistic perspective that we need to have is that, every problem that you man be experiencing is bound to change. But knowing that the reality of the problem is impermanent, and then thinking that ‘Oh yeah, it will change, it will pass.’, and then only with that kind of external attitude is not enough. Yes, we should continue with this attitude, but at the same time, having a sense of personal growth within you, that is far more important.

Seeing everything is bound to change, that is the nature of reality, that is good. But seeing that and not investing enough time to yourself to have a personal growth, that is the real unfortune.

If we continue to say ‘Everything is impermanent’, and yet at the same time not willing to make any improvement, at the end of the day, as the problem is bound to dissolve by itself because its nature is impermanent, just as it dissolved, it is bound to happen again, if you don’t have a sense of commitment to have a personal growth.

Therefore I think the most important is that, you examine your state of mind, and examine the projection of the mind, the illusion that we have, examine that gradually. Then when you have a similar problem again, whether it is emotional or physical or exterior, when that appears again, then you will be more prepared to overcome it, or to see it beyond the conceptual belief.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
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16th. Feb. 2020