Jan 25

Kalu Rinpoche | Kyergang-pa Chökyi Sengé (Dharma Lion)

I’m going to read the teachings of the Shangpa masters, what they have witnessed and what they have received from Avalokiteshvara, and from the Green Tara. So these are the very words of the Green Tara and Avalokiteshvara that has been given and taught to the Shangpa masters. His name is Kyergangpa. He was a great practitioner since he was a very young age. Since he was very little, little teenager, basically. So these are his, the teachings that he has received from Green Tara and Avalokiteshvara.

This is what Green Tara said:
nyidzin pang na döchak dang gi shyi
pamar shepé shyedang rang sar drol
, so these two are very important sentences.

nyidzin pang na döchak dang gi shyi” – If you try to minimize the attitude of “this is external, this is me, this is I, this is them”, if you minimize slowly “this is them, this is me, this is me, this is them”, this is called “nyidzin”, the attachment to the two forms, two forms of emotions. And that is “nyidzin”, “nyidzin” means “this is me, this is them, this is me, this is them”. Positivity, negativity, comes afterwards. But just that sensation of “this is me, this is them”, if you try to minimize that, or abandon that over time, and “döchak dang gi shyi”, “döchak dang gi shyi” means all the attachment will dissolve by itself.

That’s number one – Green Tara’s teaching.

pamar shepé shyedang rang sar drol” – If you try to see all the sentient beings as your parents and families and relatives, and all the anger will dissolve by itself. You don’t have to say “I need to dissolve my anger, I need to dissolve my anger”, it will dissolve by itself.

sal la tokmé timuk ying su tim” – And then if you try to, if you meditate, if you meditate combined together with a sense of clarity, if you have a clarity in meditation practice, and then the ignorance will dissolve by itself.

Third sentence,
sal la tokmé timuk ying su tim
gakmé duk sum rang sar ching jé di
der dzin mepé rang sar drolwar ngé
nyön mong rangshar rangdrol nyi du tö
shyé sung tukjé chenpö shyal né

, so this the teachings from Avalokiteshvara.

dudzi yengwa dü kyi barché yin” – All the external movement, all the external movement in life, is obstacles. There’s no excuse, there’s no soft middle way here. “dudzi yengwa dü kyi barché yin” – All the external activities, all the external activities is the illusion and the magic of demons. So it’s not the demons with the horns on the head and the fangs in the mouth, not that kind of demon. It’s basically distraction. All these external activities is a distraction. That’s what we call “”. “” doesn’t mean demon, so just keep that in mind.

chakdang natsok drok su mi charwé” – Try not to see all these negative emotions as your friend or ally. Try not to be tricky and manipulative with your own negative emotions, that’s number two.

kyen ngen wenpé gönpa taktu ten” – In order to minimize all the negative challenges, try to do some form of retreat, or solitary retreat, on ourself.

So, like right now we are in pandemic, we are, all of us, we are in the solitary place. So try to do some kind of retreat. So the definition of retreat, is doing Avalokiteshvara, Green Tara, and for 20 minutes, 30 minutes per day. In the morning or in the evening, it doesn’t matter. After meal, before meal, also doesn’t matter. Just do it. So it’s also a definition of doing a retreat.

tsé la longmé chiwa sampar rik” – And then Avalokiteshvara is saying the life is very fragile, so try to see as it is, the life itself is very fragile. Basically don’t try to be arrogant with your ignorance.

So that’s the teaching I want to share with you for this time and for the next time, there will be other teachings from the same master, his name is Kyergangpa. And then, so the next one will probably be Sangyé Tönpa, Sangyé Nyentön.

So that’s that.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 17 January 2021