Jan 20

Kalu Rinpoche | Look at the bad mood (Part 3)

Don’t say that “the bad mood is a projection of mind”. Don’t do that. That’s the most crappiest thing you can say. Because that’s a little bit like, “yeah, it’s impermanence. Somebody passed away, yeah, it’s impermanence” that’s the problem of looking too much outside and lack of looking inward. Don’t use a one liner which you try to solve the problem of other people’s life and also your life.

Just always try to examine first. Try to examine first and then “where is the very bad mood existence?” and then as you further examine, you meditate, you examine, you meditate. And then you find you come to a conclusion, “Ah, it is a projection of mind, it is projection of my ego” and then you meditate. “Therefore I have been fooling myself” so try to do like that.

Whenever there is a problem, don’t use the word faster than your mind. Always use the word afterwards. Always examine first, slowly, gradually. And then you use a one phrase line, then you say “Ah, everything is a projection of mind” then you meditate.

The problem with some scholars is that they are so fascinated and fantasize with all this different phrase that they want to use and yet they don’t look very peaceful at all at the same time. So therefore, in order to have a peaceful state of mind, don’t use the word with a sense of “That is a statement I want to make. I want to let people know that I am educated. I want to let people know that I know everything”. Don’t try to go in that direction.

Because that very essence of that direction is ego. It’s the same as somebody who comes to you and say “Oh, I want to receive an empowerment or teachings from your master” and then you come intervene in between and you say “No need! I have a greater teaching! I have a greater empowerment! I have a greater lineage!” It’s similar to saying like that, but in larger scale.

So therefore I think it’s very important to understand that the very definition of the bad mood, have to examine with a sense of patience combined together. So I think that is very important.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 4 July 2020

To be continued…