Nov 01

Kalu Rinpoche | Meditation teachings based on the text written by previous Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (Excerpt 1)

And then previous Kalu Rinpoche said, to practice Dharma truly, in order to accumulate with the great result, first you must have a complete realization of the samsara, and also acceptance of the reality of samsara. He said that it is very important.

So let me explain to you a little bit about that what he has explained. ‘Truly’, he said ‘truly’, he didn’t say ‘study the samsara’. Many of us, we know the meaning of samsara, because we analyze, we study the samsara, and that doesn’t change our heart very quickly. It’s still distracting us throughout our lifetime. Because the consequence of of not understanding or realizing, is that, we just keep on practicing Dharma regardless of whether we have really understood the meaning of samsara or not. And that is the problem.

Because people they say ‘I am a practitioner’, ‘I want to be a good Buddhist practitioner’, that is impossible without realizing a complete reality of samsara. You may be doing a practice, you may be doing a visualization of deities, or practice this or practice that, but if you don’t have a complete realization, then you may never engage yourself fully with the practice, as practice the Dharma as a part of your life. That’s the result with lack of understanding of the reality of samsara.

Like an example, Lord Buddha, example is right there. So it’s not something new. When he took his time, with understanding of the samsara and the way of life, and the reality of suffering, he analyzed everything step by step, from the birth of human being, until the end of human life. Of course, he saw all the different stages within his own kingdom. And with that reflection to himself, he completely dedicated to the Buddha Dharma. So that is how it is. Example is there. And we are the follower of the Buddha, so that we have to reconnect to the essence of the Lord Buddha’s teaching, and the Lord Buddha’s example. It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, but at least we have to walk into that direction.

Then previous Kalu Rinpoche said, the meaning of the realization is this, recognizing that the three realms of the samsara, from the very beginning it is the suffering, then it is still suffering. Therefore recognizing the reality of suffering, not getting lost with your own illusion. And then also recognizing yourself as a human being that is very precious.

So previous Kalu Rinpoche said that, even you got this human life that is very precious, but yet it is still very much fragile. So previous Kalu Rinpoche said like this … Nowadays, he said, it’s very important to put all of our attention, focus and prioritize the teaching of the great masters and the guru. That is the most important.

And almost telling yourself saying that, there is no other important things. When it comes to teachings, only from the guru, only from the Lord Buddha, that is the essence of all, and believing in that, and wanting to practice Dharma, and keeping your intention pure and simple and strong and wise at the same time. And also recognizing the meaning of samsara, reminding yourself with the preciousness of the human life. If you don’t do that, then even you practice so many years, even you practice so many deities, whether you did or whether you didn’t, it doesn’t make any difference at the end. Because you became lost, because you could not prioritize to the guru and to the Dharma, and due to that, you’ll become more and more proud of yourself and more distracted and filled with illusion to yourself.

So that is what previous Kalu Rinpoche have explained.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Aug. 2018
Meditation teachings based on the text written by previous Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (Excerpt 1)