Mar 27

Kalu Rinpoche | New temple in Bhutan – Six-Armed Mahakala Shrine

Everybody, thank you very much for joining, my Dharma brothers and sisters from around the world. I’m sorry that I cannot explain to you everything.

Today is a Six-Armed Mahakala shrine that I, myself and my lamas, and group of people, and sponsored, they donate and then we created this temple for the local community, to make a prayers, for their wellbeing, for their spiritual journey.

And this temple is built in Taba, Thimphu, Bhutan. So my fellow Bhutanese, and all our Himalayan Dharma brothers and sisters, in the future, you are very much welcome to come here to make a prayer, okay?

I will show you the shrine, and then I will go … I will log out.

So this is a Six-Armed Mahakala over here, and then this is Tamdrin [Hayagriva] on the left, both are manifestation of Avalokiteshvara. And then, that is the Palden Lhamo on the right side.

So, so that’s that. One moment. Okay.


Kalu Rinpoche – Six-Armed Mahakala Puja (6′ 48”)
Taba, Thimphu, Bhutan – March 26, 2023