Jan 27

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma teaching to Khyungpo Naljor

There’s a Niguma teaching, I think I should repeat to you today. I was keeping this one for today for all of you. This is a Niguma teaching. Niguma, she is born from the Brahman family and she’s Indian, she was born in Brahman family and she was from Kashmir and she’s an enlightened lady, enlightened lady dakini, enlightened “khandroma“. She was a great practitioner, little bit like, equal to Vajradhara, you can call it. So she said these teachings to Kyungpo Naljor, “In order to liberate from the sea of suffering, in order to liberate ourself from the sea of suffering”, she said:

khorwé gyatsor gyurwa yi
chakdang tokpa natsok di
rangshyin mepar tok tsam na
tamché ser ling yin no bu

In order to liberate from our self from the sea of suffering, we have to see the attachment, the hatred, the projection of thoughts, all of that, if you see all of that as an illusion. Little bit like bound to dissolve, rather than grasping. Rather than believing “that is real, that is real, that is real”. Instead of grasping. If you see everything as an illusion, as it is.

chakdang tokpa natsok di” – “chakdang”, “chak” means attachment, “dang” means hatred, aggressive attitude. Lust and attachment to yourself, aggressiveness or hatred to others, such as all these projections of thoughts.

rangshyin mepar tok tsam na” – if you see everything as illusion, all these emotions and the reflection of the projection of thoughts as an emotion, “rangshyin mepar tok tsam na“, if you understand that, genuinely, not just some kind of analytical study, but rather with a deeper understanding by accumulating practice over time.

If you understand that, “rangshyin mepar tok tsam na“, “tamché ser ling yin no bu“, then everywhere you go, it’s a land of gold. If you have that understanding, then wherever you go, everything is a land of gold.

gyuma tabü chö nam la
gyuma tabur gomja na
gyuma tabur ngön sangye

gyuma tabü chö nam la” – everything, everything that is surrounding us, is an illusion. “gyuma tabü”, “gyuma” means illusion. “chö” means appearance, all the external, internal appearance, that we tend to believe, that we tend to see. All the external, relative truth. All the relative truth, if you see everything, all the relative truth as an illusion, and if you meditate on top of that, and practice with that kind of a mindset. And then just like seeing the relative truth as an illusion, practice like an illusion, then you will be enlightened, you will be enlightened from this illusion.

“mögü tob lé jungwar gyur” – “mögü tob lé jungwar gyur” means you must have a courage and a strength combined together in your mindset.

… And after that teaching she gave all the Five Deities – Chakrasamvara, Yamantaka, Hevajra, … – all of that teachings to Kyungpo Naljor and then after that, she gave the Six Yogas of Niguma in the state of the dream, and then she gave three times the Six Yogas of Niguma in real life, and then she prophesied, that must maintain with absolute secrecy for the seven lineage holder, and then she said “I will always bless and be present with all the future Shangpa lineage holders” So that’s what she said. And then me, myself, as a Shangpa lineage holder, I’m always making prayer for her. Her name is Niguma, so I always make a prayer for her, and seek a blessing, so that’s for this week’s teachings of the songs of the Shangpa masters. It’s called Timeless Rapture.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 24 January 2021