Feb 13

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga Event in HK – introducing Khenpo Lakshy, and future HK plans

As you can see on my left is Khenpo-la, Khenpo Lakshy, you get to know him, you got to know him for the last few days more than before, and Khenpo-la, he was a, you know, he have finished his studies in South of India. South India, right? Yeah, South India, you know, little bit like 12, 13 years of studies, and then after that, he entered the Three Years retreat, and under the Gyaltsab Rinpoche direction. You know, not just sort of, any sort of retreat, you know? Nowadays, people say “I do retreat this“, […], no background, no knowledge, nothing, but “I did retreat”, you know?

So Khenpo-la had done retreat, from Gyaltsab Rinpoche, and then later on being the entourage of many great masters, and as well as His Holiness Karmapa as well. And then later on, you know, stayed in our center, and now he’s doing the engagement for the center.

And then I have requested Khenpo-la a few days ago, when we are in the center to, to give teaching, like an example, you know, two, twice a week Chenrezig practice, twice a week, like Chenrezig and Six Armed Mahakala practice, especially those who have received the Six Armed Mahakala empowerment. And then, and then twice a week, the Niguma Yoga at the center, so then you can continue to progress further.

And so that I can guide you over the time, with the different category of practice, with the Niguma’s teaching, not just the Niguma Yoga, the Dream Yoga, and so on, you know?

And then, one last thing is that, the next time that I can come over here, is in October, and then we will do a big Mahakala puja, with, I’ll bring some Lamas from India and then we will do like a proper Mahakala puja together, you know, with all the people.

So that’s that.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Conclusion of Niguma Yoga event, Hong Kong
Kadoorie Centre, Shek Kong, Hong Kong – 12th February 2023 4pm