Aug 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga Event New Delhi

Greetings and Tashi Deleks to my Dharma brothers and sisters.

To enable to fulfill my aspiration and commitment to be of benefit to sentient beings, in 2021 I set up a non-profit company, based in Germany called Kalu Foundation.

The purpose and intention of the Kalu Foundation can be summarised into three aspects.
1. To organize Buddhist teaching events around the world that are open to all.
2. Maintaining a focus on the major translation project of Buddhist texts, especially those of the Shangpa Kagyu Tradition.
3. Providing financial support for those individuals who aspire to enter long term retreats but are unable to do so due to a lack of or inconsistent funds to enable them to acquire all the necessities for retreat practices and to ensure sufficient funding to last them until their retreat has been completed.

The inaugural event planned for this year will be a 3-day Niguma Yoga retreat to held in New Delhi, India in October.
We have been very fortunate to be offered use of parkland of a sufficient size to host this event by the IBC, Indian Buddhist Confederation, our gratitude to them. The auspicious presence of a Bodhi tree in the park creates a nice setting for retreat.
We are expecting to have between 300-400 participants.

In addition to the Niguma Yoga teachings we have invited different Buddhist teachers and scholars to give talks.
I am inspired to provide an event such as this as a response to the increase I have seen in people’s poor mental health, alcohol & drug abuse, sadness and depression and a general feeling of apathy these days.
This, I think is due to global strife and tensions, the pandemic and the pressures and strains of modern living.
The traditional Buddhist approach serves us well as an ongoing path and support during these times.
However, such profound practices as the Niguma Yoga have a beneficial impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of the practitioner. Through working holistically with both the physical and mental aspects beneficial changes in a short time.
Everyone is welcome to attend this free event, especially the Himalayan youth of India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

Fundraising Request

The amount we wish to fundraise is 25000 USD. There are a number of costs involved with organizing an event like this and here is a list showing what the funds will be used for:
• A large marquee tent, sufficient for the number of participants, 300-400.
• Providing matting to cover all the tent area so the yoga can be performed safely.
• Flower arrangements for the marquee.
• Travel, accommodation and offering to guest Teachers.
• Accommodation and travel costs for event volunteers.
• Travel and accommodation for Lamas from Salugara monastery who will perform the Niguma Yoga with Kalu Rinpoche.
• Transportation to bring people to the event for those who cannot get there by other modes of transport. This will be a minibus.
• Provision and maintenance of the necessary amount of portable toilet facilities.
• Site security.
• Electric lighting.
• First aid post.
• Refreshments and meals.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive as other unforeseen costs may arise. However, any funds that are remaining after the event will be offered to the various local charities in Delhi.

I earnestly request any of you that can make a firm commitment of funds towards making this event happen to please do so.

I think events such as we have planned can have a far reaching beneficial impact on our youth and society as a whole.

With gratitude,
Love and Respect, Kalu Rinpoche

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