Aug 03

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma’s “Amulet Mahamudra” (Afternoon session – final Q&A 4)

Q: Could you say more about the word “Transparency” that you use? What does that mean?

A: You mean in the Nature of mind. Right? Okay, let me read it again, just to be clear.

So, you can call it “གསལ་བ།” “selwa” “གསལ་བ།” “གསལ།་” “sel” means “clarity”.

“རིག་” “rik” means “awareness” or “continuation of knowing without interruption of projection of thoughts” “རིག་པ།” “rik pa”. Right?

And then “སྟོང་།” “tong” means “emptiness”.

“གསལ།” “sel” means “transparent” “གསལ།” “sel” means “clarity, transparent, formless”. If you say rainbow then people will imagine it’s like a light. So that’s the problem. So the transparency is a little bit like a, it’s a description of clarity, clarity, transparency.

And then “རིག་པ།” “rik pa” means “continuation of knowing without interruption of the projection of thoughts” that’s the second.

And the third is the emptiness.

And these three combined is the nature of the mind. It’s not a singular experience separately, it is more to do with three things combining together that makes the nature of the mind. You know? So that’s that. Because the very reason: absent of all the projection of thoughts, therefore there is a continuation of knowing. And absent of all illusion, therefore there is a clarity. Right? And then there is emptiness, formless. So that’s that. You have also to understand what is the opposite of that. Okay? So that’s that.


Niguma’s “Amulet Mahamudra” by Kalu Rinpoche (2nd afternoon session – 2h 15′ 10”)
Kagyu Sukha Chöling – Friday March 11, 2022

To be continued …