Aug 03

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma’s “Amulet Mahamudra” (Afternoon session – final Q&A 8)

Q: This morning you talked about listening to the sound of water, the river. Did you mean that kind of literally like we should sit by a river or do you mean visualizing the sound of water?

A: Just the sound of a water. You don’t need to sit in front of the river obviously. Just sound of a water, sound of the river. Nowadays you can play it on your phone. You can play it on your computer. You can bring it to you, you don’t have to go to them.

Q: Do you mean like just not hearing the water but visualizing the sound of the water?

A: Not visualizing the sound of water, there’s nothing to visualize. Just simply, when the sound of the river flowing, and just simply meditating your mind along with the echo of the sound. Simply that. Because, in order to start the visualization, the calm-abiding meditation is very important. Calm-abiding meditation really comes down to starting with the solid foundation, whether it’s to do with breath, whether it is a physical form, whether it’s a sound. That as a foundation and then slowly moving into the visualization is the way of doing the practice. Not really jumping right away into the visualization. Because that, nobody can handle it. That’s the point. It’s too much.


Niguma’s “Amulet Mahamudra” by Kalu Rinpoche (2nd afternoon session – 2h 32′ 02”)
Kagyu Sukha Chöling – Friday March 11, 2022

To be continued …